TV Show recommendation if you boat in B.C. waters
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bob towery
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Mar 17, 2019 12:07 AM

    One of the TV shows I like to watch is Mighty Planes on the Smithsonian channel. Two were just on that went beyond my interest in all things aviation. 

    Season 3 episode 1, the CP 140 Aurora:


    Season 3 episode 3, the CC-115 Buffalo: 


    These shows are a few years old and in fact at the end of the Buffalo one they display it's final flight. 

    But anyway it's a fascinating ride with Canadian Search and Rescue. Both shows follow along training operations, including in Whiskey Golf. Very interesting to see it from the air. 

    And how they conduct ops seems quite different from the USCG. For example, rescue swimmers parachute out of planes! They are recovered by heli's once they arrive on scene.  

    I'm sure at some point a few of us are going to be assisted by them. Nice to know something about their ops.